Relook is the app for iOS to touch up our selfie

The Finnish app development studio Sumoing has just launched Relook,a new photo-editing app for iOS that it calls the first professional-level facial retouching app. It is a new software for the iPhone that allows us just to correct all possible defects of the skin, but also to look more or less tanned, to change the color of hair... more →
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TERMINATOR Genisys REVOLUTION available for Android and iOS

The year is 2028 and humanity is on the brink of extinction. And next John Connor in the war to save the human race, in the official game of the new film Terminator Genisys. Escape the prison camp and addresses the Skynet machines in this fast-paced sci-fi shooter! TERMINATOR Genisys: REVOLUTION , as well as other link and signed... more →
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Fearless Fantasy is a game of turn-based role

It’s far too easy for the team at Easy Skies to say that Fearless Fantasy is “probably the weirdest RPG you’ll play this year.” That’s not their fault. Computer role-playing games have been reiterating the fantasy lands and lore of Dungeons & Dragons and Tolkien’s Middle Earth for decades.... more →
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Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars

Star Wars is making its grand debut in Disney Infinity 3.0, and LucasArts has decided to focus its contributions to the Disney Universe on its popular The Clone Wars television series.Disney Infinity is an interactive gaming platform that unlocks the freedom to create stories and play experiences starring some of your favorite characters... more →
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PES CLUB MANAGER available for Android and iOS

The popular Pro Evolution Soccer franchise has released a new football management game on mobile  PES Club Manager. Select and train your players, build your own clubhouse and give tactical instructions to your team to become the best club manager in the world! Create your dream team in PES CLUB MANAGER, the new football game... more →
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Build and manage your school of magic in Schools of Magic

Schools of Magic is a complete adventure game that combines resource management and real-time combat.Build and manage your own school of magic and take on powerful wizards and sorcerers to become the most powerful mage in the kingdom. Free the kingdom from the four great schools of magic that hold the world in their tyrannical grasp... more →
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Star Wars: Uprising, new furniture

Fans of The Force will soon get be able to get their hands on Star Wars: Uprising, a mobile role-playing game that promises to introduce a new chapter in the Star Wars universe. The game is being developed by game studio Kabam, in collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm. Star Wars: Uprising takes place after Star Wars: Return of... more →
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