All you need to know before buying the HTC One M9

If you thought you had seen it all from HTC in the M8, you are terribly mistaken. The latest HTC smartphone on the market, the HTC One M9 is here and the market has been buzzing with excitement ever since. Here, we take a closer look at this incredibly designed smartphone, weight it up against the M8 as well as its competitors and... more →
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Now enjoy WhatsApp messenger in your iPhone

Time to say goodbye to your mobile text-plans on iPhone! WhatsApp messenger for iPhone is here and start connecting in a better way, today! The popularity of WhatsApp cannot be stressed enough. With its user base exceeding the total population of many developed countries, the power it gives to the average smartphone user is incomparable.... more →
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Top 3 News Apps for Android

We live in an eventful world, where plenty of things keep happening in the now, simultaneously. Keeping connected to the world’s latest affairs is a good trait, given that it inspires you to do more good to mother earth than bad. Internet makes it easier for us to always keep connected to each other, and also with the world’s... more →
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Best 3 Racing Games for Android

If someone ever wants to make a list of what kind of games never lose their appeal, then racing games would surely top the list. Thought first person shooting games share a big portion of nostalgia and appeal with the racing games, but still racing games outrun the shooting ones. Chances are, your first ever electronic game was... more →
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Best 3 Puzzle Games for Android

After a dizzy day while you are on your way home or maybe while waiting for your significant other to show up in a restaurant – you might just want to make your neurons make faster communication. Brainstorming for a pleasant reason is always a good way to keep your decision making organ healthy, and it provides ample ways to pass... more →
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Get a Firm Grip on your Financials – Mint for iPhone

Organizing money is a difficult task. No matter how small or big you earn, it always tends to run out before the month ends. To stop money from outrunning the month, it is wise to keep a record book for every transaction you make on a month. Planning budgets and maintaining the balance between income and expenditure is highly important... more →
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Xenowerk : New Sci-Fi Shooter Game coming to Android & iOS

Pixelbite Games is on a roll lately with releasing action-oriented games. Recently, Android gamers had the privilege of playing the sci-fi/western action game Space Marshals. Yesterday, Pixelbite released a teaser trailer for their latest action game Xenowerk. Apparently the guys Pixelbite have converted, after racing games, those... more →
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