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3 Benefits of Practicing Yoga

The ancient practice of yoga has grown in popularity over recent years for people of all ages. This practice uses mediation, breathing exercises, and body poses to encourage the body to and mind to let go of stress and experience relaxation. The name yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuji,” which means yoke or union. Science supports some of the more common benefits associated with the practice.

3 Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Decreased Stress Levels

Perhaps its most well-known benefit, yoga has the ability to promote relaxation from deep within the body and reduce pent-up stress. The practice of yoga decreases the secretion of the primary stress hormone cortisol. Burning a stress-relieving incense like the ones found at kratom online can elevate the sense of calm and focus that is needed to breathe deeply and correctly during a yoga routine.

Anxiety Relief

There are many people who suffer from anxiety from things related to their relationships, career environment, or personal finances. Research has even shown that a growing number of children are developing anxiety over school situations and domestic troubles. Yoga was shown to lower anxiety levels in those that participated in a class twice a week for several months.  The practice focuses on finding inner peace and living in the moment, giving participants a chance to re-center themselves and find balance.

Improved Heart Health

The exercises and poses that are incorporated into a yoga routine have the power to improve your cardiovascular functions. However, those who take yoga are often interested in making lifestyle changes that support total body wellness. These changes usually translate into healthier diets and more activity. The reduced stress levels also improve blood pressure.

Though it may be an ancient practice, yoga has some very powerful benefits for present-day participants. Yoga studios and fitness centers are a way to join in with others to learn the techniques, but yoga is something that you can in your living room or bedroom.