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3 Great Date Night Ideas During Covid-19

Since Covid-19 cases began rising in the United States, it has become increasingly difficult to date. Couples have to find ways to keep up the romance on their own, without being around others. Dating is no longer as simple as the times we could plan date nights, pop on some pheromones from a website like to heighten the attraction, and truly get to know the other person. Here are three simple date ideas that you can use during the Covid-19 outbreak or anytime.

3 Great Date Night Ideas During Covid-19

Dinner and a Movie

A common date night idea is to have dinner and a movie. However, without being able to leave the house, having a good meal and watching a movie on the big screen has become more challenging. If you and your date enjoyed eating out prior to Covid-19, restaurants are still open for take out. However, in order to watch a movie like you would in the theater, you need audio visual projectors. If you put up a white sheet and point the projector at that, it will be very similar to the movie theater.

Wine and Paint Night

Another popular date night activity is to go to a wine and paint class. While you can no longer attend in person, many classes are still being offered virtually. However, this is an easy date to do on your own. All you need to do is purchase wine and painting materials. Then, you can put on a painting tutorial (eg. Bob Ross) and start painting.

Camping Weekend

Camping can still be a safe activity as long as you social distance and make sure that you go for covid testing before you head off to give yourself a little extra peace of mind, should you wish. If you are concerned about others, camping in your backyard can be just as exciting. A simple tip to make camping in your backyard more fun is to make certain areas of the house off limits during the camping trip. For example, you can pack all of your food in a cooler and make the kitchen completely off limits. Being outdoors can help people feel happier, more energized, and refreshed.

Dating during Covid-19 certainly has its challenges. However, there are still ways to stay in, have fun, and be romantic.