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A Guide to Hot Air Blowers

When it comes to DIY, the abundance of choice in tools can be very overwhelming. It is hard to know where to begin selecting the right tools for the job, and with so many variants, it can leave DIY enthusiasts confused. With that in mind, this piece has been designed to guide those who need a hot air blower tool in the right direction! 

Air Blower

 “Hot air blowers can be used for several tasks, a great multitasking tool!” 

 What is a Hot Air Blower Tool?

To put it simply, a hot air blower is an air heater blower that operates by passing air across a heated component to elevate the temperature of the air. Hot air blowers are versatile tools that can be used for several tasks such as drying parts and coats, heating parts up, heating space up, and ‘de-flashing’ plastic components.  

It is important to note that there is also the option for a cold air blower tool which cools down elements and spaces, so make sure you figure out which is needed for a specific project!

 Hot Air Blowers and On-Board Thermocouples 

On-board thermocouples are an electrical device that uses two dissimilar electrical conductors to form an electrical junction. This device is then used to consistently measure temperatures by using a temperature dependant voltage.  

Choosing the right on-board thermocouple is important because the purchaser will want something that can fit the project’s needs effectively, but they will not want to pay more for something that is over what is needed. Type K thermocouples are one of the most popular types on the market and can be used in a wide range of equipment, so they may be a good component to look at. Research K Type info online to see if the thermocouple is the right variant for you before you purchase one.

When it comes to hot air blowers, there is the option to forgo having an on-board thermocouple all together and an external temperature controller can be used instead for when on-board thermocouples are not suitable.

On-board temperature controls are also a feature to consider, as they are similar to on-board thermocouples. They both work together to monitor and give accurate readings of temperature.

 “High airflow and low airflow are used for different applications” 

Hot Air Blowers and Air Flow  

Airflow control can be an important contributor to the outcome of an application, so when it comes to different needs, the hot air blower air flow will need to be chosen accordingly.  

Some applications will require a high airflow direction, such as a large space that needs to be filled with hot air or for applications that are coupled with an air knife for drying. Lower airflow control is better for applications that require lower temperatures.

Some hot air blowers will come with a gauge to change this accordingly, but make sure to pick a hot air blower for what the project mostly entails.

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 Other Hot Air Blower Benefits 

Hot air blowers are simple to use and do not require other equipment or material to work. The cost of operating a hot air blower is low, and because no other items are used such as oil lubricants or filters, hot air water blowers only provide clean air!