All you need to know before buying the HTC One M9


If you thought you had seen it all from HTC in the M8, you are terribly mistaken. The latest HTC smartphone on the market, the HTC One M9 is here and the market has been buzzing with excitement ever since. Here, we take a closer look at this incredibly designed smartphone, weight it up against the M8 as well as its competitors and see how it fares.

Design, screen and overall appearance:

HTC is known for its design prowess and they never cease to amaze even with the latest flagship model. Commentators across the globe had had a hard time putting into words how exactly the M8 feels because as per them, it is a phone that has to be felt, not explained. M9 is not too different from its predecessor in the aspect. One of the most beautifully designed smartphones out there; it comes with a 5 inch screen with the HTC logo in the bottom corner.

There have been few changes in the overall outlay of the buttons. The power button has moved to the right below the volume buttons. We can’t say for sure this has been an inspired decision. All the three buttons feels alike and users may often end up pressing the wrong button. Ofcourse you can wake up the screen using the double tap option, but a lot of users are accustomed to the power button.

The BoomSound speakers have been retained to recreate that boomy ambiance that was well received in the M8 model. The screen comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which gives it a bright and detailed appearance. Contrary to what people thought, HTC has refrained from going for a QHD display probably in a bid to save the battery.

Features, Specifications and Performance

To be fair, the HTC One M8 was a near-perfect model with minor flaws in power and battery life. There wasn’t much HTC designers and engineers could have improved upon in the latest model other than fixing the power and battery problems, which they did.

It comes with a Snapdragon 810 processor, octra core power unit and 3GB of RAM. Obviously, there isn’t much room for complaints in this department. The performance tests have returned incredible results with no slag or delay in opening and closing of apps. The battery problem has been fixed once and for all with the 2800 mAH battery which powers the unit.

Added to this is the 20 MP camera and the Ultrapixel sensor making its way to the front in the latest model. This is one area where we feel HTC could have slightly improved on the quality. While the camera performance is average, that is not what we expect from a premium model from one the most sought after manufacturers in the world.  The BoomSound speakers has been improved with Dolby effects giving it a truly surround sound experience.

Final Verdict:

By all means, it is an excellent phone to own. But M8 owners might find the upgrade unnecessary as there isn’t much to upgrade to.