Best 3 Puzzle Games for Android


After a dizzy day while you are on your way home or maybe while waiting for your significant other to show up in a restaurant – you might just want to make your neurons make faster communication. Brainstorming for a pleasant reason is always a good way to keep your decision making organ healthy, and it provides ample ways to pass time. Puzzle games could be the best way to go through an extensive brain exercise. Modern day smartphones have made many impossible possible and carrying your favorite puzzle game to everywhere you go is one of them. There are many mind boggling puzzle games available on the Google Play Store, the best part is most of them come for free. When you can have such entertainment without spending a penny, why wouldn’t you take it? We have sorted out three with the highest downloads and briefly reviewed them here.

Two Dots

In 2015 till March, the game Two Dots was a favorite in Google Play Store. It definitely comes for free and addictive enough to keep you occupied in the game like nothing else in the world really matters. The game is pretty simple to play; even the UI is one of the simplest game interfaces ever. The objective of this game is to connect two dots in either vertical or horizontal straight lines. Sounds easy and the first levels crack easy as well. As you proceed through the higher levels everything gets complicated since you can’t find similar colors to match to draw a straight line. The player has to match the colors while drawing the lines. There is a quota allotted to the gamer in the beginning and the player will be going through the levels without running out of it. If they do, there is a time penalty before the game becomes playable again. However, paying actual money for the in-app purchases can get back the gamer in the game right away.

It’s a fun game, we definitely loved the game.


For puzzle game lovers, Laserbreak could be another great choice to make. This game tends to keep the players stick to their phones right from the moment they start playing it. This game is slightly different from most of the puzzle games we get to see in today’s context. The no-mimic approach of Laserbreak makes it even more attractive. Basically, the players need to destroy targets using the available methods of course, some brainstorming is necessary.

There’s a $0.99 paid version as well, apart from the free version on Google Play Store. If you are one of those persons who can’t stick to a game for more than a month or few more, then the free version is absolutely fine for you as it packs 30 levels. The paid version unlocks all the available versions.

Monument Valley

Many game critics have marked Monument Valley to be one of the greatest puzzle games released in the last year. IMGA (International Mobile Gaming Awards) has honored the game with their highest award as well! However, this game isn’t free on Google Play Stores. Let the $1.99 price tag not stop you, because you are about to miss a whole lot of fun and strategic gameplan if you stop seeing the price tag. The game is updated time to time for added excitement.


Puzzle games are classic and when they meet little touch of modern technology, the combination is priceless. Download one of these three today and let us know if you loved them or not.