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Designing and Building Huge Things

Communication tower design , manufacture, and maintenance is just a small part of a multitude of tasks and steel products that a company provides for corporations, governmental entities, and industry leaders worldwide. Other merchandise includes storage tanks and structural steel. All are made to withstand massive burdens and provide peace of mind to the customers for many decades.

Designing and Building Huge Things

Collaboration under the same roof by an excellent and well-experienced team of technicians as well as drafting, engineering, and manufacturing personnel ensures efficiency, accuracy, exceptional value, quality workmanship, enhanced communication, shorter lead times, cost savings, and even often allows same-day solutions.

A shining example of such a conscientious company is Pittsburg Tank and Tower Group. Together with Allstate Tower and Pittsburg Tank and Tower Maintenance Company, they united and formed PTTG Holding Company in 2012. They use the stimulating motto, “One Team, One Dream” and mean it completely.

The domestic and internationally licensed engineering firm is proud to be a family owned and operated company headed now by Ben Johnston, who has spent his lifetime in the business starting at age 13 and was recently named President in 2016. William Donald Johnston, age 83, is still working there six days a week and is Chairman of the Board.

2019 will mark a century since being founded in 1919 in Pittsburg, MO, by Joseph Boyd McClelland. Its focus back then was on smokestack and water tank maintenance. Don Johnston bought PTTG in 1983, which was a perfect fit because his years of experience were in water tanks, smokestacks, steeples, and coal processing.

In 1984 PTTG added manufacturing and constructing tanks, while continuing its long tank maintenance history. Allstate Tower was launched in 2003 to offer turnkey solutions, full service to the communication industry, and crew availability throughout the United States and abroad. The manufacturing relocated to Henderson, KY in 2009 to a 275,000-square-foot facility on 13 acres.

The company’s mission is to constantly improve their products, processes, and people. Their team of tower designers and structural engineers have the certifications, Ph.D’s, experience, and software required to handle any project and anywhere that project is desired. Buy hiking sticks .