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Does My Business Need Custom Storage Tanks ?

Custom storage tanks are commonly used as emergency spill cabinets, to store large amounts of water or chemicals, and more. These tanks are perfect for some businesses but other businesses might not need them. If your business fits any of the conditions below, then a custom storage tank could be for you!

Does My Business Need Custom Storage Tanks

Working With Chemicals

Does your business have anything to do with chemicals? Most businesses probably think not. However, most cleaning products are made with harsh chemicals that could damage the skin, carpets, or other materials around the office if they were to spill.

For this reason, having plating tanks or customized drip pans can help to catch spills. Plastic tanks, in particular, are not likely to react with cleaning chemicals. This makes them a perfect fit for catching spilled chemicals!

Working With Biohazards

Biohazards sound like things that are only found in hospitals or science labs, but that’s not the case. Biohazards are anything, made of living things, that can harm humans. This can include soiled baby diapers, used tissues, and yes, hospital needles.

Storing biohazards in a customized plastic storage tank is a great idea! This keeps the biohazards in a safe place away from humans. This way, they can be disposed of easily. Also, it’s often easier to clean a plastic tank than a metal trashcan that might hold similar items.

Working With Water

Lastly, businesses working with large amounts of water might want to invest in a custom storage tank. Plating tanks are great for both clean or dirty water.

Plastic tanks can be used to catch leaking water, store drinking water, and more. For these reasons, they can be used in cases of emergencies. They’re especially lucky to have in natural disaster-prone areas where companies will want to store water in case of a storm hits while employees are at work.

If your business uses chemicals, comes in contact with biohazards, or needs to store large amounts of water, then getting a customized storage tank makes a great investment!