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Fearless Fantasy is a game of turn-based role


It’s far too easy for the team at Easy Skies to say that Fearless Fantasy is “probably the weirdest RPG you’ll play this year.” That’s not their fault. Computer role-playing games have been reiterating the fantasy lands and lore of Dungeons & Dragons and Tolkien’s Middle Earth for decades. As a result, the genre’s fiction is unimaginative, tired, and repetitive.

Fearless Fantasy’s battle system as it works perfectly on touch devices and offers an incredible amount of engagement within battles that would almost be insignificant in most other RPGs. The gameplay is based on gesture we will have to use tap and swipe targeted and breaks at the right time to perform critical hits or blocks. In addition, Fearless Fantasy grades on a pretty high risk-reward curve in terms of how the battle system works. For example, defend an attack perfectly and you take no damage. However, completely screw it up and you can almost be one-shotted by a baddie. Conversely, doing well on your own attack increases the likelihood of inflicting status ailments as well as causing massive amounts of damage.

There caleremo in the shoes of Leon , the bounty hunter world’s most dangerous, on a mission to kill the strangest creatures in the world and save a damsel that is going to join in an unwanted marriage. They are the same developers say that Fearless Fantasy is probably the most strange RPG that we will play this year

Fearless Fantasy is available on  App Store for € 3.99 . For Android instead it is available from  App-Shop Amazon to 3.62 € . There are no in-app purchases.