Get a Firm Grip on your Financials – Mint for iPhone


Organizing money is a difficult task. No matter how small or big you earn, it always tends to run out before the month ends. To stop money from outrunning the month, it is wise to keep a record book for every transaction you make on a month. Planning budgets and maintaining the balance between income and expenditure is highly important to make some savings at the end of each month. To make all of these happen at ease and without being too much in pressure, you might get Mint in your iPhone. It is financial accounts management software where you can log all your financial accounts at different financial institutions, which would eventually be used to calculate your monthly income and expenditure as well. The interface is simple and the operation is pretty straightforward, there won’t be any trouble using the app as we believe.

Starting up with Mint

To begin recording your transactions, the first requirement is to have an account with Mint server. The Mint account will be done in no time and integrating your bank and other financial institution accounts with Mint would take some time depending on how many of them you are adding. To keep the data protected, the user could put a 4 digit pin code to access the app. The app doesn’t compromise or use any user’s data for any benefit of their own. However, you could get details of the terms and conditions inside the Help and Legal section of Mint.

The ‘+’ sign under Accounts lets the users add their financial accounts. Almost all popular institutions are available here. Sign into all the accounts using their respective login credentials. Any of your bank data, credit card number, PIN codes and passwords won’t be stored by Mint.


The interface is plain simple. There could be little bit of graphic superiority, but plain pie charts, bar charts and graphs are just fine for an simplistic approach to managing financial accounts. Rather the simplicity helps the users to keep focused on the money management; however few more colors and transitions could surely look better on the Retina displays.

The apps dashboard shows every feature in the first screen without even having to scroll around the screen. Makes it easier to operate the app, and saves plenty of time. Also, a comprehensive report on how much money you have and the amount of money you credit – both will be shown in the first screen. This data will be generated from the accounts you have logged in with Mint.

Plan Upfront your Budget

Speaking of planning a budget, this is probably everyone’s favorite type of a plan. However, no matter how much we like it – we tend to fail it almost every time, such irony. Mint might take things in its hands and plan a budget for you upfront, while you still have some time left to save some money. This would need some time though, between you and Mint to come up with an effective budget.

Most likely, you would be using the Unbudgeted Spending section most often. This is the part where all your money drains and the budget eventually fail.

Look out for the income and expenses section under the budget category. Watch out for a red bar – they indicate you are failing your budget.

And the best part is, whenever you run into a red in any of the sections, you get an alert which might help you keep in control.


Speaking of effectiveness, Mint works very well. It matters how much you can follow the app’s guidelines. This app also has a web interface for easier management as well. Take a look for details at App Store.