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Get the Most out of Your Vending Machine With Regular Service

Get the Most out of Your Vending Machine With Regular Service

The first step in the vending machine business is selecting the types of machines you want to purchase. Once that is decided, you then need to find and choose locations to place the machines. The income starts rolling in with a little patience and regular maintenance and service. Here are some tips to keep your vending machine working for you.


Part of vending machine service Los Angeles is knowing how often to check on your machine. Ideally, you want to determine when is the best time to check on the machine that causes the least inconvenience for you and the store owner. Only service the machine when it begins to run out of stock for the most efficient use of your time. Show up with a smile, the keys, sales and inventory log, zip locks, spare parts, cleaning products and useful tools. You want to ensure the service run is smooth and fast. Having everything you need to clean, stock and repair the machine on hand helps you make the most of your time.


Like any machine, regularly cleaning your vending machine keeps it running smoothly. Customers are more likely to purchase from a machine that looks well-kept and clean. For standard cleaning, all-purpose cleaner and a few paper towels can make quick work of wiping the machine down.


As part of a regular maintenance schedule, run a few coins through the machine and select one or more products. Watch how the machine operates to ensure a smooth operation from coin collection, change given and items dropped. Anything that seems off likely needs a repair or replacement. Standard tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers along with some grease and spare parts can take care of many issues with your machine. To keep the machine safe, consider servicing it on an irregular schedule and monitor machines that have experienced vandalism or theft.

Owning a vending machine offers entrepreneurs a simple way to earn some extra money. The low-maintenance machines don’t require a lot of effort or time to operate.