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How to Make Your Next Paint Project Faster and Easier

Whether you’re tackling a creative home project or a difficult industrial project, new paint can quickly give your project a fresh, new look. Paint provides an inexpensive, easy solution for a variety of projects that need repairs and an updated look.

How to Make Your Next Paint Project Faster and Easier

Whether you need to paint your house and garage, fence, patio or deck, tool shed, or multiple office desks and chairs, you can cut your time in half by spray painting with  deaerator spray nozzles. Rather than using various size rollers and brushes for your paint project, consider using a spray paint gun that will speed up paint and drying time and make cleanup easier.

You can use spray paint for any type of project whether it’s large or small, indoor or outdoor, or just needs a quick touchup to cover a few scratches. From the largest industrial job to the smallest home improvement, spray painting is a great solution. Take a look at some fun, creative projects you can tackle with spray paint:

Doorknobs and Handles

Doorknobs and handles on doors and cabinets take a lot of abuse. Constant opening and closing with your hands puts dirt, oil, sweat, and other substances on your doorknobs and handles every day. Spray painting the front doorknob or handles on your kitchen cabinets can add a quick WOW factor to your home.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor deck and patio furniture takes a beating throughout the seasons with hot sun, rain, and snow. Whether you have metal, wood or wicker furniture, one or two coats of spray paint with  deaerator spray nozzles can make your furniture look new again. You can quickly change the existing color or simply touch up small damages.

Window Fans

If your home or office has industrial window fans, why not give them pops of color to add design style to your space. You can transform ugly fans into eye-catching accents by spray painting the fan blades with color. You can use a single color or a different color on each blade for a bold statement. Before you paint, make sure the fan blades are clean and dust-free.