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How Technology Is Changing Business

It’s no secret that modern technology is a huge part of the business world. Without it, there’d be no 24/7 customer service, diverse marketing options, cloud storage solutions, and everything else in between. Instead, society would still be stuck in the stone age of fax machines and print advertising — so there’s a lot to be grateful for! 

Every year, new technologies emerge and start impacting different industries. As the owner of a business yourself, it’s essential that you stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends in business so that you can truly thrive in today’s competitive markets. Otherwise, you’ll risk getting left behind. 

If you weren’t excited already, you will be after reading about the latest tech trends in this article (some of which you might not have heard about yet). As soon as you’re ready, dive into the details and start learning. 

The Biggest Trend at the Moment — Federated Authentication

Right now, the big tech trend in business that you need to know about is federated authentication. 

Federated authentication is an AI-driven technology that enables employees to access multiple apps and domains using one set of login credentials. What this means is that the days of employees having to remember hundreds of passwords are finally coming to an end, which is highly exciting. 

If you want to know more about this, you can discover more about what is federated identity. Ultimately, it’ll improve the user experience for your employees while also empowering you when it comes to access control and intrusion detection. 

Employee Monitoring Software to Keep Remote Workers Focused

If you’re the manager of a remote or hybrid business, then you’ll know all too well that it can be difficult to get remote workers to stay focused and efficient. After all, they’re no longer in the office with the manager next to them, so they’re more inclined to do this. 

Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, a solution has been made: employee monitoring software. In a nutshell, this type of software focuses on three key factors:

  • Employee productivity 
  • Employee location 
  • Employee computer usage

Let’s say that one of your remote employees seems to be inactive and isn’t answering incoming calls from customers. The software will flag this and let you (the manager) know that there’s a problem. From this, you can take action and let the employee know that they need to refocus and get back to work. 

Even if you’re not a remote or hybrid business, employee monitoring software can still be used in-office and is highly recommended. 

5G Is Taking Over

Many businesses have transitioned (or are currently in the process of transitioning) to 5G. The simple reason behind this is so that they can get faster user-end speeds. If you can afford to do it, you should definitely upgrade your business to 5G before the year finishes. 

Blockchain — It’s No Longer Just for Crypto 

A small number of businesses have also started to use blockchain technology over recent years, which is something that’s traditionally associated with cryptocurrency. Through blockchain technology, businesses can experience benefits such as being able to share records securely and reduce the risk of fraud.