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How To Save on Shipping Costs

Shipping costs can make or break a company, especially one that deals with online orders or bulk product shipping. There are ways to save money by optimizing your truck loads and being your own transport company that you can research and apply to your business model.

How To Save on Shipping Costs

Optimize Your Truck Loads

Optimizing your truck loads is about loading everything in your truck in the right way and moving empty trailers around as little as possible. Luckily there is truck load optimization software to help you get this done, whether you are a retailer, manufacturer or transporter. This software can help design the way that you load your packages onto pallets and how you load your pallets into the truck, helping keep deliveries together and in order of pickup or drop off. Many large warehouses use this type of software to streamline loading and unloading trailers.

Be Your Own Transport Company

No matter the size of your company, if you have to move products around town it can increase your profits to be your own transport company. This helps you choose the truck size that your shipments are made in, can help you be able to deliver larger items directly to your customers and even rent truck space to neighboring companies or even the competition. This can help you plan out transportation routes so that you are taking a full truck out on deliveries and then bringing back a full truck of supplies instead of having empty trailers on trips.

Saving on shipping costs can help you make more in profits, pass those savings on to customers or both. You can do this by optimizing your truck loads or even becoming your own transport company. Optimizing truck loads can be accomplished by using software to help determine which order your pallets should be loaded and unloaded as well as by making sure that you haul empty trailers around as little as possible.