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List of Expert Witness Services

There are several different expert witness services that you should consider using in your case. These services include Psychiatrists, Human factors consultants, Design engineers, and Occupational therapists. These services will help you build your client list and increase your visibility. Using a list of expert witness services is an excellent way to find and get the cases you need.


Psychiatrists are sought after for their expertise in courtroom testimony, and they are often called upon in various cases. So it is because they educate the trier of fact – the judge or jury – about complex and challenging issues. But before becoming an expert witness, a psychiatrist must develop specific skills.

The most experienced psychiatrists can draft expert witness reports, form expert opinions, and testify at trial. They may be called upon to testify on psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, trauma, depression, bipolar disorder, and more. They can also testify about the treatment and effects of drugs or alcohol.

Psychiatrists are experts on a variety of mental health problems. Some areas of psychiatry include child/adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, and forensic psychiatry. These professionals can evaluate the mental state of those in jail, incarcerated individuals, or others who have committed crimes.

Human factors consultant

If you require an expert witness to testify on human behavior, human error, or injury biomechanics, consider a Human Factors Consultant. These experts have advanced degrees in engineering and extensive experience with various human factors issues. They may be certified as human factors engineering professionals or a certified industrial hygienist or hold other related credentials.

Many of the firms offering expert witness services include human factors consultants. They can quickly turn around a search for the expert you need and provide the right balance of testimony and expertise. Many law firms use these services when they need an expert on human factors.

Design Engineer

Design engineer expert witnesses provide written opinions and testimonies on a variety of topics related to design. For example, they may analyze product flaws and failures to correct them and issues related to tooling, packaging, and manufacturing fixtures. They may also provide written opinions on improving a product or determining whether it meets regulatory requirements.

Many lawyers and police departments request the services of a design engineer expert witness. These professionals can help them determine the cause of a crash by analyzing the various factors that contributed to the accident. The process may involve crash tests, exemplar vehicles, Newtonian principles, or other methods.

Occupational therapist

Occupational therapists are professionals who specialize in the assessment of health problems that prevent people from participating in various activities. It includes the effects of medical treatments, accidents, and even mental health. They may also be called on to testify during court proceedings as experts. They must have eight years or more of clinical experience.

Occupational therapist expert witness services are available to help in various legal matters, from personal injury to workplace accidents. Occupational therapists are highly knowledgeable in multiple fields and have years of experience. They can provide recommendations for medical care, compensation, and other aspects of the case.

Industrial hygienist

If you need an industrial hygienist expert witness, you should hire an expert who has decades of experience. The experience includes work in human toxicology, industrial hygiene, occupational disease, and environmental health. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of asbestos and is proficient in forensic toxicology.

Industrial hygienist expert witness expertise is an excellent asset in litigation. These health professionals specialize in evaluating workplace health hazards and are trained to testify about OSHA compliance. They also have extensive experience in product liability, exposure assessment, and personal protective equipment. They also provide comprehensive products based on all available facts and data.

Industrial hygienist expert witness specialists provide expert opinions in various fields, such as industrial air quality, microbial damage, mold, and sick building syndrome. Moreover, they provide views on chemical health hazards and safety management plans. Experts in this field are also helpful in resolving industrial accidents.