mSpy Lets you Spy an iPhone


There might be times when someone needs to spy on an iPhone. Spying is not always unethical, especially if you are parent and you have an under-aged child who might need supervision using their smartphones. Or drifting off little bit from ethics, you might even want to spy on your girlfriend. We strongly recommend you do not do that, but if that ever becomes necessary you could consider using mSpy for iPhones. The app mSpy is a spying program and it monitors every activity that takes place on an iPhone. The app is also available in other smartphone platforms but we are going to talk about the iPhone version.

Upon installation, the app requires an account to operate. Every data monitored on an iPhone will be uploaded to this account time to time so it is necessary to open an account with their server upon installation of this app for proper operation. The spied phone should have an internet connection; at least connect to the internet on a regular basis for smooth uploading of these data. If the person you are trying to spy on never uses internet on their iPhone (which is highly unlikely possible by the way), the app will be no good.


Despite spying on people, this app updates itself on a timely basis as well. The development team adds new features and modifies the earlier ones as well, resulting in best output. With the latest iOS versions, tracking and spying have become even easier.

  • Access text messages: One vital feature being offered at this moment is being able to read every text message that the victim iPhone receives. With victim, the being-spied iPhone is referred here. However, the text messages along with all the sender details will be visible. mSpy app will update the text messages on the web server on a regular basis.
  • Location tracking: To overlook where the iPhone bearer goes, the tracking feature could help. The GPS chip would be used, though, which takes a toll on the battery life. The detection could be possible using the network as well but for more accuracy, using the GPS chip is necessary.
  • Internet records: Something the person being spied will never like; a compromised internet history. Any web links browsed on the iPhone using Safari or other browsers, or IMs like WhatsApp and Viber – every data will be compromised.
  • Take a peep inside the gallery: mSpy downloads the photos and videos inside the gallery and uploads them to your spying account. If they are on a mobile internet rather than on a Wi-Fi network, your spying attempts could get compromised.
  • Address Book, Calendar and Settings: As you can see, almost nothing stays hidden from the mSpy coverage. You can spy on pretty much everything, including the calendar reminder that’s set on the iPhone being spied on.


Since it is a spying app, the installation will be different. Upon signing up for an mSpy account, a confirmation link will be sent to your email. Visit the link from a computer, sign in to the mSpy Control Panel and follow the installation instructions. It might take around 5-10 minutes.

Purchasing the App

Such a wide range of surveillance features don’t come for free! The app costs few bucks, depending on which version you choose it could range from $40 to $200. There is a 10 days money back guarantee, in case you can’t like the service and want a refund.


The company has a good reputation for not compromising your or your beloved ones data to anyone. Still if you are unsure, you could do some verification. The company is US and UK based and hence falls under the regular laws as well, in case you find any fraudulent cases. We liked the app for its extensive range of features and smooth operation.