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A Few Reasons to Consider Notary Work as a Part-time Job

A Few Reasons to Consider Notary Work as a Part-time Job
If you have a full-time job and are looking for something to do on the side to generate a few more dollars, you are likely to run into some problems. Although you may have no problem holding down a full-time job, making a commitment to a part-time job is not easy. You may be too tired on certain days to work a part-time job. You may have family commitments that need to be met, and there are few jobs that can be done that offer flexible hours. However, it is possible to become a notary public and do the work when time permits. Here are few things you should know.

You can do this job from your car
Not only can you do this work part time, but you can also go directly to your customer. In essence, you are working out of your car. This type of notary work has become very popular. All you need to do is advertise your services; then, you can go to your customers work, home or business to have the notary service done. The flexibility to this business model makes it ideal for someone who is not sure exactly what hours they can commit to each week for part-time work.

It’s easy to become a notary
Each state has slightly different standards, but all of them are similar. You will need to qualify for the commission. Usually, this means you are an adult and living in the state you want to operate as a notary. You will need to have a clean criminal record, but this only means no felony convictions.
You will need to fill out a notary application and send it in with an application fee. In addition, all states require a bond that you will need to purchase. This is a form of insurance that is required to protect the public from mistakes that can be made.

Once you are sworn in, you will be an official notary for the state you live in. You will need supplies for your new part-time business. Most important of all will be your notary stamp, but some states also require a record book, so all of your transactions can be logged.