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Pitch free Local SEO services to seal the deal

Author Bio – Shishir is an ex-startup entrepreneur currently working on kickstarting inbound marketing for a Silicon Valley startup. Cracked the code of generating 750K monthly traffic in 10 months by using creative content.







It is very easy to bring a horse to the water, but making it drink is the toughest part. The horse should be thirsty for it to have a sip. Similarly, local SEO and other marketing techniques can show you the way to success, but ultimately customer patronization is important. Unless you arouse an eager want in the customer’s mind, he is not going to buy your product or services. Nevertheless, you have to pitch in with your efforts. You have free SEO tools as well as citation websites like Tribe Local to offer you the requisite help.

The main issue with businesses is that they do not understand the true impact of local SEO. Merely having a GMB listing or a presence in various directories is not going to solve your problem. If that were to be the case, every company in the world would have topped the rankings on the SERPs. These rankings depend on various other external factors.

Selling local SEO services to customers is challenging, especially for those who have tried it all and have not succeeded. Such people enter your counseling sessions with a negative frame of mind. Erasing the negative thoughts can take some doing. Nevertheless, you should persist with the same to ensure that you seal the deal. These following tips can be useful to you in this regard.

Understand the different aspects of local SEO:

You need to pitch in local SEO services to your clients. Therefore, it is imperative that you understand the nuances of local SEO first before trying to impress upon your clients. Remember that SEO is an ever-changing phenomenon. The information you had yesterday could become obsolete tomorrow. Hence, it makes sense to update your knowledge on a continuous basis. You have various SEO content available in the market to help you out in this matter. Consulting experts at websites like Tribe Local can also help you pitch the perfect deal.

Understanding the client is equally important:

Updating your knowledge is one aspect of pitching your local SEO services. Having the latest information about your clients is another. The ideal way to know more about your customer is to ask for more information from your client. You can ask for the client’s Google My Business access or peruse Google Analytics to gain more information about the client. You need to know more about the client to understand his problems. There are various free SEO tools like MozLocal Listing Tool to help you in this matter. Paid SEO tools like SEMRush can be also of great help in this regard.

Websites like Bright Local and Tribe Local can also provide you great insights on how to engage the customer and gather vital information from him.

Tailor your content to suit the client

How can you get your client to listen to you? Employ the principles of Dale Carnegie. Get interested in your client and his activities. In that you learn more of him. Every client would love to listen to information that can be of use to his business. Hence, customizing your pitch is important. If you speak in the interests of your client, there is no way his mind will wander. This is a very important aspect of a partner-client relationship.

Use SEO tools for analyzing the customer’s website

The client might not be aware of the SEO tools available in the market. You can use your expertise and increase his awareness levels about these free and premium SEO tools. These tools make a lot of things easy for the client. For example, not many customers know the importance of maintaining the consistency in their citations. They tend to take it casually. This makes the job of the search engine bots that much difficult. The last thing you need in local SEO strategy is to confuse the search engine spiders. You inadvertently help your competitor in the process. He would definitely welcome such free marketing for his website. Your job is to suggest the right tools for the customer. Tribe Local is one such citation software solution.

Practice your tactics in advance

Practice makes a man perfect. This is true in all walks of like. You should practice your SEO marketing skills and update them regularly in order to have an impact on your clients. The trick is in explaining things to your client in the language and manner he understands. It is better to keep the jargons to yourself. You will develop these techniques only with practice. Presenting your information is as important as the information itself. It is only when customers absorb your content do they feel the need to act on it.

Follow Up:

It is very common for businesses to lose their pitch because of inadequate follow-up. Ensure that you be in regular touch with the customer and offer him the updates as and when necessary. This follow up gives the impression that you value the relationship a great deal.


You need to follow such simple tactics for pitching the deal in a right manner and sealing it for the customers.