Top 3 News Apps for Android


We live in an eventful world, where plenty of things keep happening in the now, simultaneously. Keeping connected to the world’s latest affairs is a good trait, given that it inspires you to do more good to mother earth than bad. Internet makes it easier for us to always keep connected to each other, and also with the world’s happenings as well. Internet and Android operating system have changed our typical ways of digging the latest news; it only takes a live internet connection and some tapping on the screen. Oh and of course, an appropriate app to keep things going. In pursue of finding the best three apps for reading the latest news on any Android devious, we have tested a few and gathered them here for a brief review.

BBC News

British Broadcasting Corporation, mostly known as BBC is a reliable news source and accepted globally. Their news app is available for free download in Google Play Store. It’s a wonderful app we must say, the streamlined and easy to use interface simply focuses on getting you the latest news and also organizing everything in their places. There are different sections for each news type and the user can choose which sections to give the highest priority to; the personalized setup screen appears right after the installation. Same goes the widget, when you pick a home screen widget the app is going to ask which news category you want to appear on the widget. The app doesn’t take a huge bite on your internal storage, neither on the RAM.


If news from one particular source isn’t enough, then get the Feedly app. This app fetches news from all the popular news sources as selected by you, and follow the RSS style news feed to organize the news and stories. Biggest news sources are all supported by the Feedly app, and you can find the other less popular sources as well. Sort the news by sources or categories, the way you feel comfortable. The interface is pretty nice. Apart from the typical news sources, there are integration options with social networking sites and even YouTube. The feature makes it even better if you love posting news right to your social network feed, or watching video footage on YouTube rather than reading the story. Since the discontinuation of Google Reader, this app kind of conquered the reader base.


Rather than being a typical news feed, it’s more like a magazine style news reader. The pages inside the app flips like a magazine, and every story is organized like a block. These blocks appear to be in color when they are unread; however they turn black and white once they are read. User can categorize the news based on categories, say world news, technology, politics, beauty and fashion etc. Flipboard also allows social network integration and the updates appear in similar news story blocks as previously mentioned. Flipboard is free on Google Play Store.


We have covered the all-in-one sort of news readers. The apps from specific newspaper or TV channels are also very popular; however, they mostly stream news or stories from their own publication while these gather stories from all over the internet.