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What AI-based Solutions Can Help Agricultural Companies Benefit the Most?

Using AI-based solutions has become prevalent and somewhat mandatory in many niches. That’s especially true for IT, but agriculture also stems to benefit from AI as well. With the right technologies and AI features, the agricultural world can speed things up and streamline many processes. That makes us wonder, how can AI solutions help agricultural companies?

Agricultural Companies

Water use tracking

AI can be used to track data regarding plant growth and weather patterns. That means you will have a very good idea of how much water is needed, and you can narrow down times when no water is necessary. That’s great, and it certainly helps enhance the experience in a great manner. Taking the right irrigation-related decisions is crucial, and AI can help monitor all the info.

Automating tasks

AI is great for task automation, and you can start automating yield analysis or crop monitoring. You can have access to all data accumulated by AI. That makes it much easier to take the rightful decisions, and in turn the results you can get from it can be very good. It also allows you to focus more on other tasks, while ensuring those automated tasks are done rightfully.

Yield prediction

Using AI tools that can help provide yield predictions can be a very good idea. Not only do you get to have a good understanding of what’s wrong, but you can narrow down solutions. That way, you can ensure any predictions are close to the real-life results. On top of that, it helps you identify issues before it’s too late.

Providing individual care for plants

That’s one of the core advantages of AI, it allows you to improve the agricultural equipment’s efficiency for specific plants. You can set up plant-specific systems that can be automated with AI. It’s a great way to eliminate concerns and saving time in a powerful manner every time.

Using sensors to monitor the soil

Soil monitoring is one of the challenges that farmers are facing quite often. It’s one of the most demanding situations in the world of agriculture, and for a good reason. Thankfully, AI can be used to monitor the soil and it will give you a very good insight into the process. You can ensure that nutrient levels, moisture, soil composition, all of them are monitored accordingly. In the end, that can provide excellent ways for you to adapt according to the soil requirements.

Crop health monitoring

You can use specialized equipment that has sensors, all of which feed data to AI. That makes it much easier to identify the exact state of your specific crops. It also saves time, while also not having to worry about any potential crop issues. 

Aside from all these benefits, AI tools can be used for weed protection too, since you can monitor weed levels and take appropriate measures. Used rightfully, AI can help enhance the way we grow crops, prevent the appearance of weeds and potential diseases for plants. In the end, it’s one of the best methods we can use to speed up the agricultural process, while increasing safety and efficiency!