Xenowerk : New Sci-Fi Shooter Game coming to Android & iOS


Pixelbite Games is on a roll lately with releasing action-oriented games. Recently, Android gamers had the privilege of playing the sci-fi/western action game Space Marshals. Yesterday, Pixelbite released a teaser trailer for their latest action game Xenowerk. Apparently the guys Pixelbite have converted, after racing games, those of action: Xenowerk however propose a gameplay quite different from that seen in Space Marshals.

We don’t know a lot about this game, because Pixelbite is keeping things under a tight lid for right now. We do know it is a top-down shooter in the vein of Space Marshals, which is a good thing. The video shows a very similar art style and game play of Space Marshals. If you have played Space Marshals and enjoyed it, this one should go on your wishlist as well.

The game will be released sometime this summer for Android/iOS. Let’s hope it will be a dual release, as we had to wait a bit, before the Android version of Space Marshals was released.

As of now we do not have information about the possible launch price, but just from the trailer you can imagine that the game will be available this summer for Android and iOS . There remains, therefore, that they wait with giving out the trailer. Good vision!