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How Real Estate Agents Earn New Clients

Becoming a homeowner is like a dream come true. Apart from being a long-life investment, becoming a homeowner gives you tranquility and social status. Therefore, as a real estate agent, you do not just sell properties, you fulfill dreams.

Currently, the real estate industry is flooded with realtors such as Lynchburg real estate agents and estate agents all over the world. It can, therefore, be challenging for new real estate agents to find clients. It is why you need to identify marketing strategies that will work best for you. Additionally, it would help if you familiarized yourself with current real estate trends.

How Real Estate Agents Earn New Clients

That said, here is how real estate agents earn new clients.

Referrals and Recommendations

The chances are that everyone you know has a family member, co-worker, or friend looking to buy a new property. When looking for the ideal real estate agent, most people prefer to ask their friends and relatives for recommendations. Therefore, you can ask them to refer you to potential clients.

Your family and friends will be glad to help you find new clients upon request. However, they need to know whether you are licensed, affordable, and trustworthy. 

On the other hand, some individuals prefer to use testimonials, star ratings, and website reviews to make decisions. Therefore, ensure that you impress your previous clients. They will not hesitate to write a positive review or refer you to their friends.

It is advisable to let your family and friends know that you appreciate their help. You can send them something special.

Word Of Mouth 

Marketing your brand through word of mouth is not only practical but cheap. All it takes is the word of happy customers, who will share their experiences with others. Most of the time, word of mouth marketing occurs without your involvement. To encourage your satisfied clients to market your brand, do the following:

  • Provide responsive, consistent, and quality customer service.
  • Use feedback to improve.
  • Ask for referrals.
  • Request influencers for help.
  • Develop long-term and meaningful relationships. 

Digital/Social Marketing

If you are starting out, social media platforms are ideal for finding new clients. Quite many industries use social media platforms for marketing their businesses and interacting with their current customers. 

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to improve how people perceive your brand, establish an online presence, and advertise properties on sale to potential clients. It is advisable to share a link to your website on your social media pages.

Your social media accounts need to have a professional appeal. Make sure that you post valuable content that attracts visitors. As a result, you will have a huge audience to advertise your properties to.

You can also use ad words to market your services on Google and Facebook. There are two ways you can advertise your properties on Facebook. One is through free organic publications, and the other is through paid advertisements.

Most people rely on search engines to locate the best real estate agents. The level of competition in the organic results is very high. Therefore, for your advert to emerge on top of the search, you need to invest in ad words. The good thing about ad words is that search results are based on locality.

For ad words to be useful, follow the following guidelines:

  • Use specific keywords.
  • Create a persuasive copy.
  • Ensure that your advertisement is compatible with all devices.
  • Create campaigns based on location.

You can also improve your digital and social media marketing as a new realtor by partnering with a sponsoring broker in Texas (or in any state more relevant to you). By engaging in a sponsorship, you will likely improve your chances of successful lead generation as you will have the opportunity to rely on the digital marketing expertise and knowledge of established real estate brokers who are already well-versed in the tricks of the trade.

Get Involved With Your Community 

Getting involved with your local community is yet another organic way to earn new clients. You get to meet new people and potential customers, who, with time, will learn to trust you and try your services.

You can get involved with your local community members through charities, giving to charities, and attending community events. The benefits you can enjoy from the above activities include:

Customer loyalty 

Members of the community are likely to become loyal to your brand and business. You will always be their first option when they want to buy a property. It is their way of showing appreciation. 

Brand equity

When you participate in charities, community members are likely to purchase properties from you at a higher price. You can increase your rates and enjoy profits without driving your clients away. 

Less competition

Get involved with your community reduces competition. As stated earlier, members of the community will become loyal to your brand. 

When participating in community events and activities, do not be eager to sell. Members of the community are likely to shun you if they discover that is your ulterior motive.

Create A Website/Blog 

Having a website increases your chances of earning new clients. Most people use the internet to search for various services. Additionally, they will click on the real estate website that appears on the search engine’s first page.

Therefore, for your website to appear on the first page, ensure that you use the right keywords and create high-quality content. With a well-designed website, you can help any potential clients Discover properties in Shepherd’s Bush (or elsewhere) with ease.

Direct Mail 

For the longest time, real estate agents have used direct mail to find new clients and, in return, grow their businesses. The good thing is that this marketing space is not crowded. Unfortunately, most people dispose of direct mails without thinking twice. To avoid this, here are some factors to consider when sending direct mail.

Have a target audience

Having a target audience means that you have a message and a direct mail campaign. To discover your target audience, you need to ask yourself questions such as whether you target property buyers or sellers, do you want to create awareness, or do you want leads and is. Your target low or high-income housing.

With the answer to the above questions, it will be easier to identify your prospects. It is important to note that different audiences have different needs.

Proper Timing 

Perfect timing is everything when sending direct mails. Mail sent at the wrong time will go straight to the trash bin. For instance, most people buy properties during the spring to fall period. This is the ideal time to send real estate postcards.

During the holiday seasons and birthdays, send a direct mail to wish your potential clients a lovely holiday, and increase brand awareness. Refrain from being pushy and too eager to sell.

Do Not Over Send Mails

Make sure that you find the right frequency to send direct mails. You can send once a month, anything more than that will annoy the recipient.

Capture the Attention of the Recipient 

Keeping in mind that your mail recipient does not have one postcard on their mailbox, how do you capture their attention?

It is simple, ensure that the real estate postcard templates go straight to the point. They should tell who you are, what you are offering, and your contacts.

Be Consistent and Honest 

When sending direct mails, ensure that you are honest. Do not give false information to attract their attention. You risk tarnishing your brand’s reputation. Also, remain consistent when sending mails to be more convincing.

Using the above tips will improve your chances of earning a new client. For real estate postcard templates, you can visit They are a direct mailing company that mostly focuses on real estate agents. They provide custom mailing lists and hundreds of real estate templates. 


By following these steps, you are sure to earn more clients, more brand recognition, and more money.