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A Guide to Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

Starting a digital agency is a great way to capitalize on the huge demand for this kind of service now. Companies are trying to get creative with their marketing so they can cut their costs. Digital marketing is also getting more recognition and more people are aware of how efficient it is, so they are showing more interest. Building a digital marketing agency is not as complex as many people think, but it does require some preparation. Succeeding is not easy either because of the massive amount of competition. Let’s look at how you can start your digital marketing agency.

Do Your Homework

The first thing you must do is start researching different online marketing methods. You might be familiar with SEO, social media marketing, or PPC, but what about SMS? The more techniques you know, the more well-rounded you’ll be, and the more services you’ll be able to offer. You’ll also look much more legitimate as an agency.

If you’d like to offer SMS marketing services to your clients, we suggest you start looking up platforms today. Platforms like Tatango offer SMS marketing for agencies and is a great tool if you want to work with nonprofits or political organizations. Learn how to use these tools so you’ll be able to stand apart from the competitions and offer a service very few agencies offer right now.

Decide the Model

Next, you have to decide which type of model you’re going to use for your agency. You could decide to hire everyone in-house and have an actual office, or you could work alone from your home. You could also work as a middle person and use a white label model. With this model, your main job will be to find clients, sell your services at a markup, and send the job to another party that will get the job done for less. All you’ll need to do next is serve as a liaison between the agency and the client.

All of these options have their pros and cons, so look over them carefully. Working with a white label agency will lower your startup costs, but you’ll also have less control, and your brand will be directly tied to the provider you’re working with. Doing everything in-house will give you maximum control but will limit the number of clients you can take while opening an office and hiring people will cost you the most in the short and long term. So, think twice before choosing any options and don’t be afraid to ask for other people’s opinions.

Set Up Your Business Structure

You can always decide to run your agency as a sole proprietor, but it’s not recommended. Set up an LLC so that your personal assets and business are clearly separated. Incorporating could also be a good idea if you want to bring in partners easily. Once this is done, you can set up your website and bank account and start getting contracts.

Starting a digital marketing agency is a pretty straightforward process, but succeeding is another story. Before you start, look at some of the obstacles that might stand in your way, and don’t repeat the mistakes other people make.