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Steps To Take After Your Home Offer Is Accepted

Steps To Take After Your Home Offer Is Accepted

You finally found the home of your dreams in Arizona, and the seller has agreed to your proposed purchase price. It’s good to feel relieved and excited, but the work has just begun. Before you sign the final contract, there’s some legwork you’ll need to get done first. These are just some of the step you’ll take following your accepted offer.

Get Insurance

As you’re securing your mortgage loan with your broker, the subject of insurance coverage will likely come up. Many lenders require this step to protect the investment in case of substantial damage due to floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters. Homeowners insurance in Peoria AZ can help you recoup some of your losses should these things happen.

Purchase a Home Warranty Plan

As a homebuyer, the last thing you want after closing is a malfunction in your new home. It is therefore strongly recommended that you take out a home protection plan or warranty, so you do not need to worry about any costly repairs now, or in the future. A home warranty plan can be used to cover the associated costs if something goes wrong and therefore if you are a first-time homebuyer, investing in a home warranty plan can be a lifeline. Just remember to do plenty of research to find a home warranty provider that covers properties in your local area. For example, if your property is located in North Carolina, taking a look at some of the resources on the First American Home Warranty website could help you to plan your next steps:

Do an Inspection

When you first toured the home, you may not have noticed anything wrong with the property. Unfortunately, there can be a lot going on beneath the surface that only a trained eye can detect. Make sure you have a home inspection done, so you can ask the previous owner to repair any issues that you don’t want to deal with yourself.

Schedule a Walkthrough 

Before you officially take the keys, you’ll want to take one more look at the property. This is your chance to confirm that requested repairs were completed and double check that the previous homeowner didn’t make any significant changes since you last saw the home. Schedule this as close to your closing as possible.

Attend Your Closing

Even if your closing is scheduled for the morning, it’s a good idea to take the whole day off of work. Many last minute details can delay the process, and you won’t be able to leave until everything has been settled.

With every aspect of your home purchase completed, you can move in and finally enjoy the place you worked so hard for. The process can be a challenge at times, but it’s ultimately worth it.