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What Should I Do With Unwanted Electronics ?

Has your spring cleaning left you with a pile of old tech? It may be tempting to simply toss your unused computers, phones and tablets, sending them on a trip to the landfill. But is that the best solution?

Before You Toss

There are many better places for your unwanted gadgets to go than in the garbage bin. Before you toss out your old iPad or desktop monitor, consider online exchange sites where you could trade or sell your items. This is a great way to keep electronics out of the landfill and perhaps provide someone with a much-needed resource at the same time. Donating items is another way to de-clutter your tech drawer. Libraries and thrift stores often welcome donations.

What Should I Do With Unwanted Electronics

Why Not in the Garbage?

When unused electronics are thrown out alongside regular pieces of household garbage, they more often than not end up in the city landfill. Over time, decaying machines can unleash a myriad of harmful chemicals into the earth, polluting the ground and spreading into the surrounding ecosystem. What’s more, if you have not wiped your old electronics, treasure-hunters can pick through landfill tech dumps and potentially snag your information. By recycling your electronics, you are doing yourself and your environment a huge service.

What is E-Waste Recycling?

This kind of recycling is done by companies that specialize in the safe disposal of electronics. Most cities offer some type of recycling for electronics. If you are looking for something in your area, try searching along the lines of e-waste toronto to see what’s offered in your city. Sometimes, pick-up crews instate a minimum weight requirement before coming to your home. However, some companies, often electronics stores as well, have stations where you can leave your old tech to be recycled once a certain amount has been received. Check the options in your area to see if you can schedule a pick-up or drop off.

Recycling electronics is the best way to get rid of your used tech. Any of the above options are great ways to protect yourself and the environment from harm.