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4 Handyman Skill Areas Every Homeowner Should Have

Knowing how to fix things around your house can increase your confidence and give you more insight into the functionality of the items in your home. Doing some minor repairs yourself also saves you money. Here are the top four areas where you need to learn how to do some basic handyman work. However if you need any addition help then you can hire a plumbing company such as Atlantis Plumbing, LCC who can help you out with drain cleaning Charlottesville or you can find another like this in your area.

Minor Plumbing

4 Handyman Skill Areas Every Homeowner Should Have

Some projects are best left to the experts when it comes to plumbing issues, like broken pipes or things that need welding supplies buffalo NY. For most people, it’s easy to learn how to unclog a toilet and drain, fix a leaky faucet and snake a drain. It may not be the most pleasant thing in the world, but you can do it.

Sealing Gaps

There are a few areas around your home that require frequent resealing. The doors and windows have weatherstripping to keep the outside air where it belongs, but this wears out over time. Learn how to install new weatherstrips to save money on your energy bill. The other areas that need to be redone about once a year are the window frames, bathroom seals and electrical outlets. For those items, you need to learn how to use a caulk gun.


Hiring a pro to paint can be expensive and this is a job you can definitely handle on your own. Take the time to prepare the walls, use good tools and apply painter’s tape to the edges for the most professional-looking paint job.

Change a Light Switch and Doorknob

A light switch change does require some minor electrical work. Make sure you turn off the power running to that switch and pay attention to the different types of wires and where they connect before you transition to the new switch. All you need to change a doorknob is a screwdriver. Take it apart and remember which direction the latch is facing before you install the new knob. If messing with electrics isn’t your thing or you don’t have quite the right tools to hand then it would be worthwhile to do some research and find a handyman near me in Miami (or elsewhere more applicable).

These minor handyman skills can keep your house looking great without having to spend your savings on home repairs.