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4 Reasons Why Canton, MI is the Place to Live

4 Reasons Why Canton, MI is the Place to Live

Canton in Michigan is a desirable place to live. For a spotlight on what it would be like to live there, follow the link In addition, we shall highlight four reasons why Canton is a wonderful place to settle down and live.

Industries Canton and Michigan are Famous For

Canton alone is home to manufacturing companies involved in electronics and materials technology.

Michigan, bordering 4 of the 5 Great Lakes, is known for contributing to the automotive industry as well as agriculture and education. So, there are plenty of opportunities in terms of employment and bringing up children who you will want to succeed.

To expand on the above, Detroit is known as the ‘car capital’ of the world, Alpena houses the largest cement factory in the world, and Rogers City is home to the largest limestone quarry. In terms of agriculture, the Holstein dairy herd is the largest registered herd of its kind in the world. Michigan, where Canton is located, is ahead of the world in many respects, and so for this reason alone represents a wonderful place to live and to be known to live.

Michigan’s Way of Life

When looking at Michigan’s real estate, it is good to know that Mackinac Island has been rated as one of the world’s friendliest islands. We all want good neighbours. And this is, of course, another world record for this location.

If you like a peaceful and non-polluted life, then Mackinac Island does not allow cars. So, when you visit here as a nearby resident, you will be able to experience a part of paradise. If you enjoy food and drink, then Traverse City offers close to 30 wineries. You will be sure to find a good vintage here.

House Prices in Michigan

It was reported in April of 2021 that the average number of house showings in Michigan had climbed by almost 20%, and to its highest level in 16 years. The average house prices had risen by almost 14% from the year before. This is all indicative of Michigan being a popular place to invest in real estate and one that is finding favour with buyers. To put a figure on it, the average house price in Michigan is now around $210,000, subject to change. It is for buyers to determine the worth of their property but be guided by real estate. The above factors not only guide the price but are also what makes a place a prosperous one in which to live.

Environmental Factors

For house buyers who enjoy the environment, Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline in the whole of the U.S. Okay, only in the U.S, but Michigan does already boast a lot of world records. This coastline is 3,288 miles long. It is known for its fishing, representing yet another industry Michigan is known for. Each of these industries are making it a place where economic wealth funds a comfortable lifestyle for residents.

Another environmental feature, apart from the coastline, is Forestry. Some 90% of the Upper Peninsula is made up of trees. It is trees that provide a healthy environment in terms of the oxygen levels they provide.

In summary, Michigan is undoubtedly a place of industry. Given that Canton is a part of Michigan, it will benefit from such industrialism in terms of wealth. A friendly way of life is something that we all crave when moving into a new area and there is much evidence of this. It is encouraging that house prices are rising rather than falling. This means that it will make good investment sense to buy a property in Canton. Real estate is, after all, an investment for the future as much as it provides a comfortable place to live.