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5 Reasons Why the PlayStation 5 Controller is the Ultimate PC Gaming Companion

The standard DualSense controller that arrives with your console is a premium-feeling gaming device. With haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, games feel more immersive than ever.

It is also price-conscious and has industry-leading customization options, including remappable buttons, back paddles, and interchangeable thumbsticks. It’s the best option for PC gamers with big hands tired of the long-handled DualShock 4. Its only drawback is its short battery life.


The PlayStation 5 controller’s ergonomic design comfortably fits most gamers’ hands, reducing fatigue during long gaming sessions. It also features advanced haptic feedback to give gamers the most immersive gaming experience. The haptic feedback in the PS5 controllers can simulate the feeling of various surfaces, like walking on sand or hard metal.

The PS5’s haptic feedback can also simulate different levels of force and tension, such as the sensation of pulling back on a bowstring to shoot an arrow or hitting your brakes in a game. This is the video game controller’s most exciting and innovative feature.

Regarding gaming, ergonomics is a primary concern for many gamers. The PS5’s redesigned DualSense controller is an improvement over previous models in its appearance and ergonomics. The controller’s shape is designed to fit naturally in most gamers’ index fingers, and the triggers are angled in a way that will reduce finger fatigue during intense games. It also has several other improvements, including adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Aim Assist

While the standard PS5 controller doesn’t feel, particularly ergonomic or premium, it does offer some impressive extra features. Its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers make it an excellent choice for next-gen games that use advanced controls.

But the real game-changer is the aim assist feature. This automatically aims for opponents, making it easier to hit headshots. It’s an excellent feature that can save you a lot of deaths in FPS games like Battlefield or Call of Duty.

Another unique thing about the PS5 controller on PC is its removable analog stick modules. This makes it easy to replace broken sticks and lets you customize the intensity of directional inputs on a surprisingly granular level.

The only downside is that it only works with some PC games that use Xbox button prompts. Input lag can also be an issue, as the game can take a few milliseconds to register that you hit a button. This can be a significant problem in competitive games where you must fire fast to beat your opponents.

Intuitive Controls

The DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are a big part of what makes it feel like no other controller. They’re especially effective in PS5 launch games, where haptic effects like firing a gun or accelerating a car will give you the realistic feeling of doing so.

Unfortunately, these features aren’t universally supported on PC. Unless you’re playing on Steam, your pad will automatically connect without special drivers (as long as the game recognizes it).

Fortunately, the latest app updater for Windows is a sign that it’s getting serious about making DualSense compatible with PC. It’s a handy little app that can update your controller with the latest firmware and offer several other tweaks. Most importantly, it allows you to disable analog stick drift, which is a common problem with modern video game controllers that results in one or both analog sticks registering inputs that aren’t happening.

Haptic Feedback

DualSense controller was designed to take advantage of a new vibration technology known as “haptic feedback.” This feature uses two actuators that replace traditional rumble motors in the gamepad to provide unique sensations like rain pattering or the force of an explosion in-game.

While haptic feedback may seem excessive, it can make a huge difference in games that embrace this new technology. For example, the psychological horror Returnal from developer Housemarque takes full advantage of the haptic features to deliver a terrifying gameplay experience.

Similarly, the upcoming action-adventure allows players to physically feel the effects of their character’s actions through DualSense’s haptic feedback feature. This will enable players to feel every sword swipe and gunshot in-game, adding a new layer of immersion. You can customize the haptics settings in the PS5’s options menu to suit your preferences. Highlight the option that looks like a gear on the home screen of your console and press X to access it. From there, you can change the settings for Vibration Intensity and Trigger Effect Intensity.


For PC gamers who want to save money on a new controller, the PS5 has some unique customization options. The controller has a removable analog stick module, which is great for fixing any issues with stick drift or broken triggers. This makes it an excellent choice for players who struggle with FPS games like Fortnite or Destiny 2, which require quick and accurate trigger response times.

The controller can be fitted with various company hardware mods for more advanced customization. These include color customization for nearly every surface on the controller and clicky hair trigger kits that provide faster triggering for FPS games. 

The controller also offers a built-in voice chat system, essential for some gamers who want to communicate with their teammates in-game. This feature is an integral part of esports gaming and can be used to give a competitive advantage over other gamers in the same online game.