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Preparing Your Office Appliances for a Move

If you are looking to move to a new office for a promotion, then congratulations. Take your time with the move because it gives you a chance to do many beneficial things. Also, you do not want any accidents to occur. Then, you may find yourself searching for copier repair service Washington DC. While there are many wonderful repair services all over, it is good to take preventative measures.

Organize and Clean

Moving is an excellent time to take stock and clean. As you start the preparations, make a list of all the appliances you have and organize it from largest to smallest. Afterward, you can take measurements so that placing them in your new office will be much simpler. Scout out the new space you will be in and see how it compares to the old one. Using the measurements you have taken, place painter’s tape or something similar to mark where your appliances will go. For bigger ones like copiers or printers, you may want to use a poster board as a place holder. This can give you a better sense of the area taken up.

Cleaning them should also take precedence. Any maintenance is good, but by brushing off the dust and wiping them down, your appliances will get a new life.

Office Appliances


After you make the list and your appliances are nice and clean, it should be time to box them up. You can ask your local grocery stores for extra cardboard boxes. They should have tons to spare, and this is a life hack for anyone moving. After, you may opt for purchasing bubble wrap or just using old newspapers. When you have a good number of boxes, place your office supplies inside carefully and label each box clearly.

For any office move, the planning stage can be the most important one. Take clear notes so that your packing and moving can be smooth processes.