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A Guide to Optimum Office Design & Layout

The layout of an office has a direct influence on productivity and if you are in the process of setting up your office space, you have come to the right place, as we offer valuable information on optimum office design. Of course, there are many options and we think the open-plan design has much to offer, as it promotes dialogue, which is an essential component for a successful working environment.

Office Design

Workstation placement

Where you locate the workstations is a critical decision; you need to observe who does what and identify employees that work together; have flexible seating with standing desk to really give people choices. Some work better when they are able to freely move around; you should involve your office employees in this, as they are the ones who will be working in the environment. 

Think ergonomics

Seating comfort is obviously critical; when looking at office chairs, choose a brand that has a track record for ergonomic solutions; standing desks offer many benefits and a few placed in the right locations give employees a choice.

Design with branding in mind

If, for example, your company is involved in finance, a really casual layout doesn’t really send out the right message. Try to create an ambience that is in line with what your business is all about; if creativity is part of your organisation, this can be reflected in your office design. Renovating your office is a great branding opportunity, so don’t miss out.

Choosing colour combinations

Blue and green are said to bring a calm and tranquil mood to the space, due to their connection with nature, while red brings out the passion; white is popular because it makes a space look larger. It is worth spending time researching how colours can affect mood; Google is your best friend and can take you to the best platforms with this kind of information. 

Natural lighting

Research tells us that people who work in a space with good natural lighting get a better night’s sleep than those who do not. Placing workstations near windows and under skylights should improve efficiency; if your office doesn’t have much in the way of natural lighting, you can choose the right light fittings that replicate natural light.

Indoor plants

There are numerous reasons to add a few indoor plants; they bring a touch of nature to the space, plus they help keep the air clean. A Google search will take you to the website of a local indoor plant contractor and you can choose from a wide range of attractive species. They teach you all about plant care and they can come in a make some changes every now and them to keep your office looking different.

The design and layout of your office can make a big difference to productivity, so do bear in mind all of the above when it comes to revamping your office space.