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How to Nail on Video SEO

Videos have become an integral part of online content marketing. Internet users are quite visual and pictures in motion are more likely to grab their attention than text. This is because videos are more memorable and engaging. They end up driving more traffic to our sites hence high conversion rates. If you’re wanting to learn anything more regarding SEO practices, then you might be interested in learning from the various Free SEO Course options out there that can help you to discover more about SEO and how it can play a pivotal role in the traffic to a website. So, regarding the videos, if we were to use both text and video to pass the same message, most visitors would rather click on the video. We shouldn’t be ignorant of this dynamic when posting content online. Here are the best practices to make our videos rank high on search engine result pages.


Noteworthy Title and Description

Like in copywriting, video blogs require Meta descriptions and catchy titles. Most people read the headline to decide whether the video is worth watching. So, a snappy title could be the difference between a potential customer clicking the play button or completely ignoring it. Before we put a title, brainstorming a few possibilities and asking for advice would be of great help. Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that headlines are only meant for content-heavy blogs. Similarly, we should add Meta descriptions for our video posts. A relevant keyword should appear in this snippet so the search engine may understand the context.


Mobile Friendliness

There are no signs of mobile browsing slowing down anytime soon. The Internet of Things is in the mainstream. Google, for instance, made clear that they are giving high priority to webpages that have been optimized for mobile use. It means mobile-optimized videos have better rankings in general. At this age, we should normalize adopting mobile-friendly strategies lest we miss out on the key merits of SEO traffic. Our graphic designers and web developers must know this. Similarly, let’s use web hosting services that automatically provide mobile optimization.



When we publish a video on our homepages, we aim to rank high on Google. But the quality of the video content matters a lot. A good video is highly engaging, shareable, and likable. We’d rather spend more time designing the storyboard. Using updated editing tools can help our video content to stand out. The audience is very keen to not a standout video. The higher the views, the higher it ranks on search engines. An engaging message must have a key takeaway to evoke emotional reactions in the target audience. It could be a compelling punchline that will make them play the video repeatedly or tweet. A video going viral can catapult a business into a big brand. It might also catch the attention of high-profile investors as well. That’s how powerful video content can be.


Text-Based Transcriptions

When Google sends crawlers to a website, they read the text to analyze the content. Transcription in the video page allows Google to rank the content faster. Strategic keywords placed on text-based transcriptions could help the crawlers do their job. Eventually, the video will rise above the competition on the search engine.


Publish Video on Various Platforms

We cannot afford to lose on the traffic of major social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. To help the potential clients navigate to the site, we could create backlinks on the webpage. The links can appear in both the description and our profile page. You can learn more about backlinks and the profile of a website if you were to further research into the umbrella term of Search Engine Optimization and its uses.


When seeking to increase the visibility of our web pages on search engines, we don’t just paste a video. We must know how to optimize them for SEO. Video SEO aims at making the videos ranked and indexed on SERPS for specific key phrases. The strategy is gaining more widespread integration across websites. E-commerce sites have noticed a new trend in search queries related to video content. So they are competing to rank for these keywords. As we’ve mentioned above, videos can drive more traffic so they are great items for SEO. We can leverage internet traffic by posting videos on landing pages. When people share the video and link back to our web pages, we get inbound links which are paramount to SEO rankings.