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How Working with Others Can Benefit You

If you are a lone wolf when it comes to working, either as a freelancer or someone with their own business, it can be difficult to ‘get yourself out there’ if you don’t actually need to, especially if you prefer to work alone. However, there are benefits to working with others that can’t necessarily be achieved by yourself, which is why it is worth incorporating a little bit of teamwork, collaboration, or networking into the mix.

If you want to know some of the benefits of working with others to give you that kick to do it, then you are in the right place!

1 – Fresh Eyes on Old Stuff 

Having someone else’s perspective will always be valuable, even if you don’t agree with it or use their suggestions. The best way to open your mind is to listen to what others think, and this can be excellent when you feel stuck on a piece of work or an idea that you are struggling to get off the ground by yourself. Having someone to discuss their fresh ideas or insight with you can make a world of difference to your work and even take it in directions you never thought it could go in.

2- Helps Encourage Creativity 

When you are staring at the same piece of work or project over and over again and not getting anywhere with your next step, having someone just to have a non-related chat with can get the creative juices flowing again. If you are working from home in the same room every day, alone, it only makes sense that you might need more of a hand to engage the imaginative part of your brain, and coworking hotspots could be a decent compromise.

Take a look at coworking offices to see if you can find something that would work for you. With the influx of different people from different businesses coming in day in and day out, you are sure to remain inspired.

3- A Positive Environment 

It is probably safe to assume that those who are freelancers and are in a coworking space or the like most likely want to be there, which can facilitate a positive environment. It makes all of the difference when people are in a place they want to be in, where they feel comfortable, inspired, and in control, which is exactly what a lot of people get from working in shared spaces. A positive environment is essential for health and wellness, along with productivity, quality of work, and also an enjoyment of work. It can also help reduce feelings of loneliness which can be common in freelancers or the self-employed.
Having little chats here and there can really boost your mood and could also be helpful to your work, which is something you might not get so much if you are at home. 

These are just some of the benefits you can enjoy from working with others for as little or as often as you want.