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What is Picnob? An Overview of the Handy Instagram Viewer and Downloader

Social media allows us to capture and share special life moments, but platforms like Instagram aren’t necessarily designed for long-term keeping of those memories. That’s where the free web tool Picnob comes in. Picnob enables easy browsing of Instagram profiles and fast downloading of Instagram photos and videos for permanent saving.


Key Features of the Picnob Instagram Downloader

Picnob is a web-based tool that offers the following useful capabilities:

  • Anonymous and private browsing – Picnob does not require you to login or connect your Instagram account. You can search and view Instagram anonymously without leaving a trace. Your privacy is protected.
  • Downloads public content – While respecting private accounts, Picnob allows saving of all public Instagram photos, videos, albums, IGTV videos, and reels.
  • FAST speeds – Picnob uses high-speed servers for incredibly fast downloading compared to mobile apps. Photos and videos save in seconds.
  • User-friendly interface – The sleek, minimalist interface makes browsing and downloading extremely intuitive. No complicated menus.
  • Desktop and mobile access – Picnob works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile browsers. Easy to use on the go.

The combination of anonymous browsing, speedy downloading, and ease of use makes Picnob a powerful Instagram tool.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Picnob

Using Picnob to explore Instagram and download content is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit – Go to the Picnob website on any desktop or mobile browser. No download required.
  2. Enter an Instagram username – Type any public Instagram account name into the search bar at the top of the Picnob site.
  3. View profile feed – You will automatically see that user’s profile feed with their latest public photos and videos.
  4. Scroll and browse – Freely scroll through the profile feed to view all public posts. Comments and likes are also visible.
  5. Click the download icon – When you find a photo or video you want to save, click the downward arrow icon to download it.
  6. Repeat for multiple downloads – You can browse the full profile and download as many photos, videos, albums as you want.

As you can see, using Picnob is incredibly straightforward. The intuitive interface makes navigating Instagram and saving desired photos a breeze.

Is Picnob Legal and Safe to Use?

When using any Instagram downloader tool, it’s normal to have concerns around ethics and security. Here are some key facts about how Picnob works:

  • Only public content – Picnob respects users’ privacy by only allowing downloads of posts from public accounts, never private ones.
  • Complies with Terms of Use – Picnob operates fully within Instagram’s Terms of Service for acceptable use. It is a legitimate tool.
  • No login required – You never need to login or connect your Instagram account. Browsing is anonymous.
  • No spam or ads – Picnob is free to use with no spammy ads or signups. A very user-friendly experience.
  • Secure website – Picnob uses encryption and other privacy protections. It will not expose your personal information.

You can feel fully secure using Picnob to responsibly save public Instagram content that you enjoy. It gives you more control over social media memories without any shady practices.

Why Use Picnob for Instagram Downloads

Picnob has become a popular tool because it solves many limitations of downloading from the Instagram app:

  • Keep memories safe – Instagram stories and live videos disappear after 24 hours. With Picnob you can conveniently save them forever.
  • Avoid data overages – Downloading videos especially uses a lot of data which can exceed cell phone plans. Picnob allows saving content first, viewing later when you have WiFi.
  • Offline archive – Once downloaded to your device storage, you always have access to your favorite pics/vids without an internet connection.
  • No post restrictions – Instagram limits how far back in a profile feed you can scroll. With Picnob you can browse and retrieve old posts unrestricted.
  • Higher quality downloads – Picnob often saves photos and videos in higher resolution than what Instagram natively provides.
  • Easy desktop access – Unlike mobile apps, the web-based Picnob tool allows effortless downloading to your computer for editing or sharing.

While Instagram is great for discovery, Picnob empowers you to curate content for long-term personal use. It puts you in control.

Using Picnob to Preserve Your Own Instagram Memories

One of the best ways to use Picnob is for downloading your own Instagram content. Why rely on Instagram’s limited archive when you can proactively back up posts with Picnob?

To save your own page:

  1. Enter your username into Picnob’s search bar.
  2. Scroll back through your profile to find forgotten photos and videos.
  3. Methodically download your posts using the icons.
  4. Organize downloads into folders on your desktop or phone.

You can also use Picnob’s Instagram downloader to:

  • Save IG Stories before they disappear.
  • Retrieve old posts that are no longer on your profile.
  • Collect memorable pictures into albums or folders.
  • Back up IGTV videos you created.

Picnob makes it incredibly easy to preserve years’ worth of your Instagram memories with just a few clicks. Don’t lose cherished social media history to the sands of time.

Convenient Features of Picnob

In addition to fast downloading, Picnob has other handy features:

  • Download full albums, IGTV videos, and Stories in bulk.
  • Easily re-download posts you already saved before.
  • Sync downloads to Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive for cloud backups.
  • View basic analytics on any profile like top posts, followers, etc.

The developer is constantly adding new features to improve the tool.


Instagram holds treasured life memories for many of us. But social media platforms continually evolve, and relying on them indefinitely to host our memories can be risky. That’s why tools like the Instagram viewer and downloader Picnob are so valuable.

Picnob’s user-friendly, ethical approach to saving Instagram content helps you take control. You can easily find, browse, and download public Instagram photos and videos for permanent keeping rather than temporary social media posting.

So if you want to preserve special Instagram memories, create offline backups, or retrieve old lost posts, Picnob is a must-try. Visit on desktop or mobile to start securely archiving your favorite Instagram content today.