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Some Fun Facts About Silicon

Some Fun Facts About Silicon

While most people know that silicon has a wide variety of uses and is actually the second most abundant mineral on the planet (not to mention the seventh most abundant in the universe) but there are quite a few other facts about this mineral that most people are probably not aware of. This article seeks to change all of that.

1. Silicon in scientifically a natural element due to the fact that it does not stand alone. Silicon, when found in its most natural form is actually known as silica and is most commonly found in the form of sand on the beach.

2. Silicone is not the same thing as silicon. The substance called silicone, most commonly found in breast implants, is actually silicon mixed with oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon to form the substance.

3. Silicon does not actually conduct electricity very well at all. This is why it is known as a semiconductor. It is also not a metal, as is commonly thought by laypeople. It is actually a metalloid. This means that it is metallic because it does conduct electricity (just not very well) but conducts it better at high temperatures, whereas true metals actually conduct electricity worse when their temperatures are increased.

4. Computer chips are made from thin silicon wafers which stands to reason due to their high resistance to heat. The supreme qualities of silicon make it the utmost ingredient in forming the components of electronic gadgets from the most basic all the way up to the most advanced electronics on the market.

As you can see, there are some very neat and nifty facts that have to do with the way silicon is manufactured and the way it aids in all of the outstanding technology that exists in the world today.