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What is IVR Interactive Voice Response

I am sure you must have called some customer care. What you usually experience?

Usually, we have to be in the queue before the company’s executive receive the call and answer the query. And what we see during this wait time, simply an annoying music of that company. But have you called them to listen to the music?

Definitely no!

Even the company doesn’t want to give you such customer experience but due to some limitations, they do. But the problem doesn’t end here.

Now your call is getting picked up and then you come to know that the call has been landed to the wrong executive. And then the executive transfer your call to the correct person or department. Again, you need to be on hold and listen to that annoying music before the next person answers your call.

Won’t it be good if you have an option to select which department or section you are looking to talk?

Of course, yes and this is what an Interactive Voice Response is.

An IVR (or Interactive-Voice-Response) is a software system that basically routes your call to the correct destination and to the correct customer service representative.

Now the department or customer service representative where the call is landed depends on business to business and kind of configuration you have done. Depending on it, you can configure your IVR for the automatic call distribution so that the user won’t have to wait for the long period on the call.

And I am sure you must have experienced this as well. Let’s say you have called a telecom network partner which deals in mobile services, broadband service, and few others. Usually, they will ask you where you want to talk. And then you select some choices and accordingly your call will be landed.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is an automated system where the system will receive your incoming calls and present the caller with the list of options and then expect the user to provide the response through their keypad. Also, there will be an option where the number of effort will be fixed. For example, the IVR system has asked for the option and user has not entered anything then what the IVR will do in that case. So, usually, the company ask for the three times and if no response found, they simply disconnect the call.

Nowadays, there are a number of options available with the IVR like it will tell the customer how much time they need to wait and how many are in the queue currently. This saved the customer from being impatient.

Inbound call tracking

It is the time of digital analytics and almost all the business decisions are being made based on data. And so, for your business also you should look for the analytics coming with those inbound calls. There is many inbound calling tracking software available which works with all the major offer of pay per call networks. You can look for the pay per call networks list and check their recommended tracking software.


These were all about the Call Flow Management and Interactive Voice Response. Hope you got some fair idea about the same. If you have any further doubt, you can comment here.