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How to Select a Sanitation System for Your Boat

Now is a great time to evaluate the sanitation system for your boat. Most owners don’t plan to get out into the frigid temperatures but use the winter months for needed maintenance and upgrades. When looking for a new sanitation system, here are some tips to help you decide .

How to Select a Sanitation System for Your Boat

Portable Toilets

For those not wanting to install a full boat sanitation system Newport Beach CA into their vessel, a portable toilet may be an option. These are typically less fun to deal with since you have to take them ashore to empty, but they can make a great way to have a toilet convenient for small boats or owners who aren’t avid boaters. Portable toilet rentals are a useful resource for these occasions.

Odor Control

Any sanitation system needs a way to deal with unwanted odors. That characteristic rotten egg smell comes from anaerobic bacteria releasing sulfur dioxide and sulfur monoxide while breaking down waste. A system that encourages the growth of aerobic bacteria tends to have fewer smells because aerobic bacteria release odorless carbon dioxide and water. Or choose a treatment method that works for your holding tank.

Holding Tank

An installed sanitation system has a holding tank to store waste. These tanks come with multiple options or a single discharge option. Depending on where you plan to discharge your waste, you may want to choose one that allows you to dump overboard, self-discharge or allows multiple options. If you often travel beyond three miles from the coast, you can discharge your waste into the water. Having the option to do so can be easier and more convenient than waiting until you are docked to dispose of waste.

System Components

Once you decide how to hold the waste and control odors, you need to think about the rest of the system components. The toilet itself comes with many options. Consider manual options that are easy to rebuild, a joker valve and pump handle throw for fewer clogs and a sturdy seat. Or go electric for inexperienced riders and fewer clogs from the get-go.