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Medical Logistics, from A-B hassle free

If you are in the medical industry, the topic of moving supplies or equipment from one point to another safely will have likely been an area of conversation or at least something that you have given some thought to in the past. Medical logistics brings with it a whole range of options and some superb offerings from competing companies, this is great news for the consumer because with a little healthy competition there will likely be competitive services and pricing.

UK providers

If you are in the need of medical logistics then you might want to look into medical logistics from Rhenus High Tech who are a market leader in technical logistics. You will likely be faced with budget challenges as well as time constraints and high demands of quality and assurance, as such you will need a provider that fits the bill. When speaking with contacts in the medical industry we found that they had different needs based on the goods that they needed transporting however, they all required the same fundamental level of care and attention from their logistics specialist.

High value equipment

For example, there was a mix of equipment discussed ranging from bulky multi-million-pound machinery which would need a team of experts experienced in moving such heavy and specialised items. Then there were surgical supplies and pharmaceutical products which in some cases will need temperature-controlled transportation. As a whole though the underlying service that they all tended to be the same. They all value experience, an exceptional level of care and the ability to stick to a tight schedule above anything else. Throughout our search, we came across this little gem, take a look at this informative blog if you would like to know more about receiving payments via text message. Another way to receive money, yes please!

Online solutions

Anyhow, you might be wondering, who would offer such a comprehensive level of service? A scroll through the usual delivery firms will likely bring up a lot of ‘computer says no’ answers. Meaning that we most likely need a specialist. There goes the budget we hear you say… Well maybe not so. Especially if the service has some kind of guarantee, a completely hassle-free service. With all of this in mind we came across ‘white glove services’ and ‘last mile services’ which are offered by the leading providers of technical logistics. These are reasonably new terms assigned to the services of companies that offer ‘superior’ transportation and storage solutions. Precisely what our contacts are in need of. 

Intrigued to find out what was on offer brings us to the services and expectations list that we put together. It should save you some time when looking for a provider.

  • White glove services/last mile services – A must.
  • Coverage – Local or global?
  • Areas of expertise and equipment
  • Accreditations
  • Level of service – what additional services are on offer?

More information about the growth of the logistics industry is available on the website of, including a review of its growth and a last mile review with recommendations in 2019.

By now you should know what you are looking for in a provider, all the best and hope all goes well.