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Top Reasons to Recycle Your Old Phone

You might be like me, searching for ecoATMs near me from time to time. Every time you search for these ATMs, you want to dispose of your old phone. These devices are designed to help collect and recycle old phones. Yet, it is also essential to understand why this is essential. The following reasons highlight why it is vital to recycle your old phone.

Conserve Energy

The manufacture of new phones requires significant energy consumption, especially when everything starts from scratch. However, recycling this old phone implies that you will save enough energy to power a laptop for 44 hours. According to statistics, over 130 million phones are tossed away annually. Recycling these phones will save the country enough energy to power 24000 households in a year. Conserving energy means that you do not have to exploit fossil fuels, protecting the environment in the long run.

Conserve Minerals

Various elements go into making a phone. Recycling the phone implies that you will no longer need a lot of these minerals in the production phase. Typically, the manufacture of a phone requires tin, zinc, copper, gold, and palladium. You will also find traces of platinum on this phone. Yet, recycling means that you will minimize the need to exploit minerals. Recycling a million cell phones will save you about 75 pounds of gold and 772 pounds of silver. In addition, you will save around 35274 pounds of copper.

Environmental and Health Benefits

Phones have various hazardous elements that could harm the environment, including your health. Materials like mercury, arsenic, brominated flame retardants, and lead are essential in making phones. Yet, tossing them in landfills translates to contaminated air, soil, and groundwater. Such contamination contributes to significant environmental deterioration.

At the same time, these elements can spur health issues. Exposure to contaminated water and air will lead to blood and oxygen circulation disturbances, severe vomiting, and nervous system complications. Avoiding such problems will help minimize your health costs in the long run.

Save Wildlife

Filling the environment with waste and hazardous materials will expose wildlife to danger. Gradually, animals will not have access to sufficient, safe food. Their health will deteriorate, resulting in death in the long run. Recycling your phone implies that there will be minimal landfills to destabilize the ecosystem. What is ecoATM? It is where you should dispose of your phone.

Recycling phones is a worthwhile course. It assures you of multiple benefits, including those above. Yet, you must get an ideal disposal ATM to handle this.